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FEELABILITY: - How we lost touch with life and how to get it back

Publication date:
September 28, 2023
Imran Rashid
Imran Rashid

Director of Health Innovation

In the book FEELABILITY, the sequel to the critically acclaimed bestseller OFFLINE, specialist doctor Imran Rashid, in collaboration with sociologist Rikke Østergaard, once again takes stock of the consequences that the digitised and accelerating society has for people.

With the corona crisis offering a frightening example of a hyper-digitised existence, where human contact has been reduced to an absolute minimum, we have had ample opportunity to reflect on what kind of existence we really want. Is this an existence controlled by external influences, locked in a busy luxury hamster wheel, where measurable values such as speed, consumption and wealth dominate? Or should we work instead to regain our touch with life in order to achieve greater purpose, immersion and connectivity?

If the latter is what you want, you'll find useful knowledge, thought-provoking reflections and concrete tools in FEELABILITY.



In "FEELABILITY," the sequel to the acclaimed bestseller "Offline," readers are invited into a thought-provoking discussion between the author, Dr. Imran Rashid, a specialist doctor, and Fabio Pereira, as they explore the profound consequences of our digitized and rapidly accelerating society on individuals. Learn about some practical tools to navigate the challenges posed by technology's impact and confront smartphone addiction. Whether you seek to reclaim a more meaningful and connected existence or are intrigued by the stories behind this insightful work, "Feelability" offers an enlightening journey toward a more fulfilled life in our digitized age.

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