Imran Rashid

Imran Rashid is passionate about understanding the effects of modern technology on our physical and mental health. He has experience in talking about a variety of fields, meaning he fluently speaks on business development, innovation and medicine. As entrepreneur and doctor, Imran has served as head of innovation in Denmark largest chain of private hospitals Aleris-Hamlet.

In 2017 Imran’s thought-provoking book “SLUK – kunsten at overleve en digital verden” (The english title: “OFFLINE, what you need to know to get your brain under control”) was published. It explores how digitalization affects our mental and physical health and what are the consequences. Following the huge support he experienced for his book, Imran quit his job and started the Center for Healthy Digitalization. Here, Imran advises companies and ministries on sustainable and human-centered digital transformation processes.

In his keynote talks his vast knowledge shines though. He inspires audiences to explore the boundless possibilities of technology, and to use them, while at the same time cautioning about the negative consequences which may follow.

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