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Design for Developers

Publication date:
August 30, 2023

In Design for Developers, author Stephanie Stimac shares the unique insights she's learned as a designer on the Microsoft Developer Experiences team. This one-of-a-kind book provides a developer-centric approach to the essential design fundamentals of modern web applications.


Design for Developers

"Design for Developers" is a comprehensive guide that addresses common application design and usability issues with expertise and style. It equips developers with essential design and UX techniques, enabling them to adeptly create positive user experiences, smoothly iterate on front-end features, and foster effective collaboration with their designer counterparts. The book covers a range of crucial insights, including using color, typography, and layout to establish a clear visual hierarchy on web pages, ensuring consistent application of color palettes within user interfaces, making informed decisions about typefaces and fonts to elevate design quality, employing user research to validate design choices, and efficiently planning website layout and structure.

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