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Expert Talk: Hack Like a Pro: Bug Bounties, Web Vulnerabilities & More!

Join us for an engaging conversation between Ben Sadegiphour, VP of Research at Hadrian Security, and Julian Wood, Developer Advocate at AWS. In this conversation, we will explore a range of captivating topics, such as: Bug bounties, ethical hacking, Skills, Resources, tips and much more. Whether you're an aspiring ethical hacker or simply interested in the fascinating world of cybersecurity, this video is packed with knowledge and practical advice. Get ready to hack like a pro, learn how you can convert bug bounty hunting into a passive income while you sleep and join us on this exciting journey to make the online world a safer place!

May 16, 2023

Hacking the Internet of Things for Fun & Profit

*Warning: you will throw away your connected devices after going to this talk.* The combined world of IoT has reached a state where it's actuators spread from control systems in the industry into the city you live in and the privacy of your home. Now that everything is connected, we can abuse gadgets and devices for purposes they were not originally constructed for, and turn them against their users. We will discuss current attacks, potentially 0-days, projects and Proof of Concepts that show the Internet of Shit that inhabits the Internet of Things, by OWASP's Top 10 attacks to these devices. During this talk we go into demonstrations that might inspire you to build a cool exploit, or radical security technology, during the conference. **Prerequisite attendee experience level**: beginner


Keynote: The Current State of Automotive Security

The connected car has become as ubiquitous as our smart phones and personal computers, but many people don’t realize that the manufacturer isn’t the only party involved in connecting and controlling your vehicle. This talk will go over some flaws found in Jeep Cherokee in the Summer of 2015 and explain that those events show connected vehicles are not only technologically advanced but consist of many players and processes. Each player in the connected car game should not only be concerned about connectivity but also security. This talk will show the audience that we can all learn from past mistakes to make a more secure future.


A Practical Guide to Cybercrime

Cybercriminals are often perceived as having super powers to get into your systems and steal your money and data. The vast majority are just following simple cookbook recipes to take advantage of laziness, sloppiness and an failure to understand what might be risky behaviour. Defences against cybercrime do not have to be hi-tech or even very complex. This talk discusses various types of cybercrime and gives some practical advice as to how to make yourself a little safer.


The Future of Security

Ever wonder why technology seems to be more fail by design than security and privacy based? Also, how is it we can have so many training programmes and awareness budgets, but people keep clicking the links and opening the attachments. In this talk, I will highlight the way we approach security today, and how we can adjust this to be effective. We will look at why technology often isn't built with security or privacy as default, and how we can be a part of the shift to embedding security. **What will the audience learn from this talk?** The take aways from this talk is an understanding of what the current landscape looks like, and how we got here. An understanding on how as individuals we can start to change the culture and understanding of security and privacy How organisations can make a difference to their consumers What part regulations and directives take at protecting consumers, and how to leverage these to make a difference Practical steps everyone can take to make a difference (from the non-technical, personal consumer, professional consumer, programmer/coder, and organisation). **Does it feature code examples and/or live coding?** This will not include live coding, however, I will discuss an autopsy view of breaches that have happened. For this to include a live demo, please respond with any suggestions you may be interested in - I could always bring a rubber ducky, or cover something small to include for sure. **Prerequisite attendee experience level:** [Level 200](https://gotocph.com/2019/pages/experience-level)