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Serverless + Modern Agile: A Match made in Silicon Heaven

Mike Roberts | GOTO Chicago 2017

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In this talk Mike Roberts drills into the benefits of the combination of Serverless and Modern Agile - a new take on agile engineering. Mike explains what companies need to do to adapt to this combination - strategies for product ownership, operational access control policies, and ‘true’ DevOps will all be part of a successful vision.

Modern Agile is a recent approach that takes the powerful simplicity of ‘agile development’ as it was originally considered and brings it up to date with conceptually aligned ideas. Modern Agile is defined by four guiding principles: make people awesome; make safety a prerequisite; experiment and learn rapidly; and deliver value continuously. A lot of the thought behind this comes from, and incorporates, Lean Startup, Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Serverless is a technology that is uniquely placed to enable Modern Agile. While cost benefits are one of the drivers of Serverless, the most interesting advantage it has over other architectural approaches is that of reduction of ‘conception-to-production lead time’. Serverless enables this reduction by giving ‘superpowers’ to the vast majority of us engineers who aren’t experts in both systems administration and distributed systems development. In other words, it makes our teams more awesome by letting them continuously experiment (all in the name of making our customers awesome!)

Symbiotically, Modern Agile as the guiding set of principles in an engineering organization has the power to significantly increase the value we realize from a Serverless approach. If we create safe ways for our engineers to autonomously create and deploy new products and features they can embrace the lead time-reduction benefits that come from Serverless Compute along with its sibling services.

About the speakers

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts

Engineering Leader & Co-founder of Symphonia

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