An Intro to Project Riff, a FaaS Built on Top of Knative

Updated on November 21, 2018
GOTO Berlin 2018
Eric Bottard
Eric Bottard

Core Committer for Project riff and Senior Software Engineer at Pivotal

Kubernetes has come a long way in easing the operations role for running containerized applications in the cloud or on premises. But the primitives you need to deal with are still very much on the “ops” side of the devops spectrum.

Knative is a recent joint collaboration between Google and several industry leaders, including Pivotal, to build a serverless framework for running source-centric applications and functions. Come learn how Knative and function-as-a-service solutions such as project riff allow you to seamlessly build, serve and connect your code to the real world, without needing to care about dockerization, scaling or event persistence.

This session is a must see if you currently use — or plan to use — Kubernetes for running your applications.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: advanced