Pop Songs and Programming for Fun and Profit

Updated on November 1, 2018
PJ Hagerty
PJ Hagerty

Developer advocate at Mattermost and a board member of Open Sourcing Mental Illness

Ever wonder what it takes to live in the world of an open source developer? What if everything you can learn comes from the world of pop songs?

We can learn a lot of from music, but in this talk, let's listen and see how we can be better developers.

Through a series of pop songs we’ll look at what it’s like to:

  • Start out on your own as a programmer - not sure where to go or to get involved in open source
  • Work on a team dedicated to Open Source in the crazy world of SV/SF
  • Open Source at a big blue company, and how large corporations view Open Source
  • Sharing your knowledge with the next line of new folks looking to get in on OSS
  • Going out on your own - giving a conference talk - being the expert and sharing what you know

prerequisite attendee experience level: beginner