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The Different Perspectives needed for Self-organization

Stefan Rudnitzki | GOTO Berlin 2018

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Do people resist change? Do they need someone who tells them what to do? Is the output of a team dramatically affected without „leaders“ and decision makers? How do Holacracy, Sociocracy or similar approaches affect the value chain? What is their impact on teams? Are these approaches really new, innovative and desirable? These questions may cross your mind when thinking about what the next step after „being agile“ could be.

This talk shares my learnings and the observations of coaches from the last three years of a self-organized introduction of self-organization. It shows the potentials and pitfalls when creating products and ship features as a team in a changing environment towards self-organization and self-management. Finally, it offers answers from a perspective that considers empathy, the purpose of the individual and the company, mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

prerequisite attendee experience level: advanced

About the speakers

Stefan Rudnitzki
Stefan Rudnitzki

Transformer of organisations, who helped turn Europace into a fully-autonomous holocracy