Introducing Elm to a JavaScript App

Richard Feldman | GOTO Chicago 2017


Have you wanted to try Elm on a JavaScript project, but rewriting the whole code base was out of the question? With the right techniques, you won't need a rewrite! By the end of this talk you'll know how to introduce Elm to a JavaScript app incrementally, so you don't have to wait for a blank canvas.

First we'll cover some Elm basics (in case you've never used it) as well as some benefits a programmer—or manager!—might get out of it. Then we'll get into the nuts and bolts of introducing Elm to an existing JavaScript code base, covering rendering, business logic, and the details in between.

Come see how easily you can get started with Elm—not on your next project, but on the project you already have!

About the speakers

Richard Feldman
Richard Feldman

Functional programming language expert & author of “Elm in Action”