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Enabling Teams to Embrace Change

Gitte Klitgaard | GOTO Amsterdam 2018

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Change isn't simple. This talk is my story about the tools that I was part of providing for 6 teams and how we enabled them to build the foundations for safe continuous learning themselves. Most people in agile and lean are involved in change somehow. Whether it is a big transition or an evolvement of an exiting organisation, it is still a matter of change. We explain the change, sometimes we even explain the vision and the why behind the change. And then it is supposed to happen. But change is not simple. If the goal is to get teams to perform and to work better together, we need to provide the teams with the tools to do so. We have people who are educated in engineering, programming, computer science, etc. – how are they supposed to have the tools to build good relations and to collaborate if we do not provide them?

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Gitte Klitgaard
Gitte Klitgaard

Agile Addict & Believer in Altruistic Reciprocity