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An Insider's Guide to Cloud Computing

David Linthicum • Prasad Rao | GOTO Book Club

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Join Prasad Rao in a captivating conversation with David Linthicum, an esteemed authority in cloud computing, as they explore the future landscape of technology in an illuminating interview. Linthicum offers invaluable insights into the evolution of cloud computing, envisioning a future marked by ubiquitous and heterogeneous computing paradigms. With a keen eye on emerging trends and practical strategies, Linthicum sheds light on navigating the complexities of modern technology ecosystems.

About the speakers

David Linthicum
David Linthicum

AI & Cloud Computing Thought Leader & Influencer, Innovator, Educator, Author, Speaker & Business Leader

Prasad Rao
Prasad Rao

Principal Solutions Architect at AWS & Co-Author of "Cloud Career Journeys"