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Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager

James Stanier • Gergely Orosz | GOTO Book Club

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Software startups make global headlines every day. As technology companies succeed and grow, so do their engineering departments. In your career, you’ll may suddenly get the opportunity to lead teams: to become a manager. But this is often uncharted territory.
How do you decide whether this career move is right for you?
And if you do, what do you need to learn to succeed?
Where do you start?
How do you know that you’re doing it right?
What does “it” even mean?
And isn’t management a dirty word?

This book will share the secrets you need to know to manage engineers successfully.

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About the speakers

James Stanier
James Stanier

Director of Engineering at Shopify & Author of "Become an Effective Software Engineering Manager"

Gergely Orosz
Gergely Orosz

Writing "The Pragmatic Engineer" & Author of "The Software Engineer's Guidebook"