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Riding Waves of Change: From Motorbike Novice to Career Crossroad

Anne-Marie Charrett | YOW! Brisbane 2023

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Whoever wrote "A change is as good as a holiday" clearly doesn't work in tech! In tech, we're grappling with an unprecedented rate of change of new ideas, languages, frameworks, architectures and technologies. Rapid, constant and often overwhelming change has become the new norm.

How do we navigate and respond to this change at work and in our personal lives? And, how do we remain congruent with ourselves and with our teams?

I'm not sure I have all the answers. Instead I have stories.

In this talk, I'm going to share a couple of stories about change in both my career and life. One a career crossroads where I had little agency. In the other, I learned to ride a motorbike, an experience that paralyzed me with fear. In sharing these stories, perhaps we can find some truths about how we can handle change, for ourselves and as leaders in technology.

About the speakers

Anne-Marie Charrett
Anne-Marie Charrett

Group Owner - Developer Experience Automation at Telstra