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Adaptive Architectures: Reimagining API Federation & Microservices Integration

Marty Pitt | GOTO Copenhagen 2023

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As organisations adopt microservices - composing our various APIs, DBs, Queues and Functions has become critical to getting things done.
However, the glue code that we write to stitch everything together tends to be brittle, and a constant inertia to change.

This talk explores how to leverage existing API specs (OpenAPI and gRPC) to deliver composition and federation of APIs, without writing and maintaining glue code.
We'll explore how using API Specs as First Class Citizens of our enterprise integration, along with Semantic Metadata, allows us to create a mesh of services that connect on demand, and self-adapt their middleware as services around them change.

This is an in-depth exploration into Taxi - a meta-language for annotating API specs, and TaxiQL - a query language and open source orchestration engine, which can generate and adapt integration on demand.

About the speakers

Marty Pitt
Marty Pitt

Founder at Orbital