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Journeys To Cloud Native Architecture: Sun, Sea And Emergencies

Nicki Watt | GOTO Chicago 2019

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Many businesses want to embrace modern business practices by delivering projects quickly and scaling faster. For this, adopting a Cloud Native mindset and architecture makes sense but is not a simple magic carpet ride.

In this talk, Nicki Watt from OpenCredo will share the realities of making that journey for a number of clients. Far from being a smooth journey to the promised land, you will learn about the numerous detours, bumps and challenges encountered along the way.

Microservices, Kubernetes, Success, but also Bandages and Crutches; This talk is for you if you want to gain some pragmatic insight into what is entailed with such endeavors.

About the speakers

Nicki Watt
Nicki Watt

CEO/CTO at OpenCredo