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Crafting Robust Architectures for a Resilient Future

Eleanor Saitta • Jez Humble | GOTO Unscripted

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Whether you're building a new system with an established team, trying to tame a legacy ecosystem, or starting from scratch, how you think about security and reliability has a big impact on how hard they are for you to achieve.

In a candid conversation between security expert Eleanor Saitta and technology thought leader Jez Humble, the critical role of architectural clarity in ensuring robust security and resilience comes to the forefront. Saitta emphasizes the necessity of understanding and intentionally designing your architecture, highlighting the challenges faced by organizations in adapting to changing ecosystems. They discuss the dual aspects of security – external services and internal IT operations – shedding light on the potential risks associated with Windows and Office usage.
Hear in this GOTO Unscripted talk about the significance of architectural awareness and basic IT hygiene in safeguarding organizations against security threats.

About the speakers

Eleanor Saitta
Eleanor Saitta

Consulting CISO and Security Architect

Jez Humble
Jez Humble

SRE at Google Cloud, Lecturer at UC Berkeley