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Erlang and Elixir: On the Shoulder of Giants, There is Room for Larger Giants

Francesco Cesarini • Andrea Leopardi | GOTO Copenhagen 2023

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In the past few years, it seems like Erlang semantics paired with Elixir developer experience are spreading to domain after domain, from real-time web apps to UIs, from embedded systems to machine learning.

Why is that? Erlang has been around for a few decades, but we’re not sure that it would be as widely-used today if Elixir hadn’t come around. On the other hand, who knows if Elixir would have ever been born without the ideas behind Erlang.

In this talk, we want to explore these questions and the symbiotic relationship between the two languages.

About the speakers

Francesco Cesarini
Francesco Cesarini

O'Reilly Author & Founder of Erlang Solutions

Andrea Leopardi
Andrea Leopardi

Elixir core team member, Developer advocate, principal engineer at Veeps