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Evolving Your Containerized REST Based Microservices to Adapt to EDA

Dhiraj Mahapatro | GOTO EDA Day Nashville 2023

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Event-driven architectures with Serverless compute like AWS Lambda or workflow orchestrators like AWS Step Functions allow you to build production grade applications quickly from the ground up. However, not every workload is a greenfield application, and many customers prefer to manage their business logic on containers using either Amazon ECS or Amazon EKS and still want to evolve from their REST based synchronous architecture to event-based asynchronous architecture.

In this session you will also learn about bringing your existing container workloads running on Amazon ECS on AWS Fargate work with existing fully serverless Event-driven architecture, with minimal code changes and a high degree of reusability. Using a real-life business example, this session walks through a demo to highlight the power of this approach.

About the speakers

Dhiraj Mahapatro
Dhiraj Mahapatro

Principal Serverless Solutions Architect at AWS