Java Project Loom: Why Should I Care?

Updated on February 13, 2023
GOTO Amsterdam 2023
Erwin de Gier
Erwin de Gier

Software architect at Trifork & coach

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You might have heard about Project Loom, Virtual Threads, Fibers in relation to the upcoming Java Versions. Apparently this is a big new feature that is going to change a lot. But what are we exactly talking about if we talk about Virtual Threads? How does it influence to work we currently do? In which Java version can we expect what versions? Are Project Loom based Java applications more performant than traditional (blocking) Java applications? How do Virtual Threads relate to reactive programming and Kotlin coroutines? In this talk we look at all these questions and more. When you walk away from this talk you are up to date on Project Loom & Virtual Threads and you know what you can expect from them.