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Generic or Specific? Making Sensible Software Design Decisions

Bert Jan Schrijver | GOTO Amsterdam 2023

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In software design and software architecture, we often face the question: should we build this generic or specific?
Usually, this is not an easy question to answer. The answer depends on a lot of different factors, including future factors you may not be aware of - yet. In this talk, I’ll share my experiences and thought process as a developer and software architect with choosing between generic and specific solutions.

I’ll talk about generic vs specific design & architecture, both on a project level and organization level. We’ll look at sharing code/components between teams, inner source culture, monorepo’s, microservices, lifecycle management of generic components and strategic design as a tool to help decide. After this talk, you’ll have practical insights that can help you to choose between generic and specific solutions yourself.

About the speakers

Bert Jan Schrijver
Bert Jan Schrijver

JavaOne Rockstar & Champion, NLJUG leader & CTO at OpenValue