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Democratizing Strategy: An Intro to Wardley Maps

Catherine Swetel | YOW! Melbourne 2022

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Why do organizations change? What is the stimulus that inspires buzzword change initiatives like “digital transformation” or “modernization”? The needs of customers are always changing and evolving, and that necessitates organizational change. If we are transforming in order to better meet customer needs, doesn’t it make sense to re-contextualize the transformation of organizations in terms of the evolution of the value chains that fulfill those needs?

During this session, you will learn to use Wardley Maps to inform socio-technical transitions i.e. the guided evolution of the people, processes, and technologies that make up the organizations where we work. Wardley Maps use the concept of value chains (rather than streams) to consider the networks of technologies, teams, and functions that must interact in order to provide value to a customer. Wardley Maps are dynamic and encourage context-informed transition rather than light switch transformation.

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Catherine Swetel
Catherine Swetel

Once described as the Altoids of Lean-Agile feminism

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