Cloud Chaos and Microservices Mayhem

Updated on October 18, 2022
GOTO Copenhagen 2022
Holly Cummins
Holly Cummins

Senior Principal Software Engineer on the Red Hat Quarkus team

The cloud is supposed to make everything easier, and microservices are supposed to make everything faster and more robust. The reality is … somewhat different. Twenty years into our industry’s cloud journey, many of us are still hitting unpleasant surprises. The cloud needs new ways of managing costs, to avoid financial catastrophes and environmental waste. The cloud also needs new ways of managing releases and quality, or it ends up being almost exactly like the old way of building software. But when it’s done right, the cloud presents wonderful opportunities. Many organisations adopt microservices to try and ensure they’re ‘doing cloud right’, but microservices are an architectural solution to an operational, social, and organisational challenge. On their own, microservices do not ensure architectural decoupling, and they can introduce considerable technical risk. What’s the solution? Contract tests. They’re not the full solution (remember, this is an organisational challenge), but contract tests can be a great tool for reducing the risk of microservices deployments.

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