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The Road To Event-Driven Architecture At LEGO.com

Sheen Brisals | GOTO EDA Day 2022

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Reacting to events goes beyond the programming world. It's the norm for many things in life. In software, as we move away from legacy monolith applications to building modern distributed microservices, the need for event-driven computing has become ever more important. There are many facets to why event-driven architecture is at the center of a serverless application we build and operate in the cloud. Could the reason be the cost, performance, team velocity, sustainability, or a combination of many? In serverless, why do we even think of event-driven computing? If event-driven architecture is the way forward, then how do we make a start and become successful?

In this talk, we will unravel the mechanics of event-driven computing. We will explore why the engineering team behind LEGO.com practices event-driven architecture. With real-world use cases, we will explain how to design, build and operate event-driven applications to equip you with the details you need to start your event-driven journey.

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Sheen Brisals
Sheen Brisals

AWS Serverless Hero, Engineering Leader, O'Reilly Author