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Minimum Viable Migrations (MVMs): A Path to Cloud Native EDAs

Ben Ellerby | GOTO EDA Day 2022

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Many people want to adopt a Cloud Native EDAs architecture, but struggle to see a path from their current legacy architectures. Modernization approaches often lack the agility needed to ensure success and maximize value to users. Thinking in terms of events not only provides a path to state-of-the-art Event-Driven architectures, but also a non-terminal architectural destination ready to evolve with customer needs and technological advances. We need to move away from a “big-bang” migration mindset and use events to map a series of non-terminal Minimum Viable Migrations (MVMs) to stay current and adaptive to change.

Having applied the MVM framework to companies of all sizes, this talk will present real-life examples of successful Cloud Native EDAs adoption, and snapshots into how MVMs can be applied. We’ll look not only look at the technical considerations of a progressive migration to Cloud Native EDAs, but also the people and training aspects to ensure success in larger scale environments. Deep diving into a real world airline that uses MVMs to migrate from on-premise to state-of-the-art Serverless.

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Ben Ellerby
Ben Ellerby

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