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Getting Started with Service Mesh

Hanna Prinz • Eberhard Wolff | GOTO Book Club

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Hanna Prinz, a consultant at InnoQ, and Eberhard Wolff, fellow at InnoQ, the authors of Service Mesh Primer explain what a service mesh is and more importantly when and if you should use it. They also delve into the main features and reasons for deciding to use one.
The interview is based on Hanna's and Eberhard's free book "Service Mesh": https://leanpub.com/service-mesh-primer

About the speakers

Hanna Prinz
Hanna Prinz

Consultant at InnoQ

Eberhard Wolff
Eberhard Wolff

Prolific author of "Microservices: Flexible Software Architecture". Working for 15+ years as an architect & consultant

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