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Shortening the Architectural Feedback Loop

Eltjo R. Poort | GOTO Amsterdam 2022

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One of the things architects can learn from the agile mindset is the importance of short feedback loops. The quicker architects receive feedback on their output, the faster they learn about its effect in their specific solution context — and better-informed architects make better decisions.

Architecture is a matter of reducing uncertainty by gathering knowledge and making decisions and a shorter architecture feedback loop speeds up that uncertainty reduction, leading to better architectures. On top of this, shorter loops lead to shorter reaction times when things change, which increases agility.

For example, asking for feedback on a 100+ page architecture document makes for a long feedback loop. You could speed this up and make it more agile by reviewing individual decisions with stakeholders, rather than complete architecture descriptions

In this session, Eltjo R. Poort shares some of his experiences on shortening the architectural feedback loop and lays out five key tips for practicing architects.

In this talk, you'll learn:

  • How to make better evolutionary architectural designs by closing the gap with stakeholders and reality

About the speakers

Eltjo R. Poort
Eltjo R. Poort

The founder and owner of CGI’s agile architecture approach Responsive, Collaborative Digital Architecture (RCDA) and leads CGI’s community of architects