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The Coaching Leader & Architect

Roy Osherove | GOTOpia Europe 2020

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In this session Roy looks at one of the biggest problems in technical work today: lack of training for tech leads and architects in skills such as leadership, people skills and becoming change agents in organizations. Roy will also cover the ideas of Elastic Leadership and how they can apply in many different software work situations.

Things covered will include, among others:

  • How should you measure your success in your role?
  • What to do in difficult situations such as conflicts at work with peers
  • How to grow the people on your team to gain more skills
  • When to break the rules
  • When to make the rules
  • When to coach, and how

About the speakers

Roy Osherove
Roy Osherove

Author of "The Art Of Unit Testing" and "Elastic Leadership: Growing Self-Organizing Teams"

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