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Swearing, Nudity and Other Vulnerable Positions

John Le Drew | GOTO Berlin 2018

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Over 3 months John recorded over 75 hours of interviews and spoke to some of the most respected people in the industry to produce an audio documentary that attempts to answer the question “What is safety? And why is it important anyway?” This highly interactive talk will present the findings, guiding and challenging you through a journey to understanding safety. With discussion and improvisation to cover the following topics:

  • What is safety?
  • What are the elements that make a team effective?
  • Is psychological safety the foundation to team performance?
  • What can we all do to help foster psychological safety in our teams?
  • What is the relationship between safety, stress and engagement?
  • What is the profound impact of a lack of safety and engagement on society? This talk has grown as John created the new podcast The Agile Path. The first season on this podcast is about safety in teams. This has been a fascinating deep dive learning experience for John and he hopes to explore these insights with the audience.

prerequisite attendee experience level: Beginner

About the speakers

John Le Drew
John Le Drew

Coach, consultant, trainer, experienced engineer and international keynote speaker; founder of Wise Noodles