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Internet of Healthcare Things – A Platform Approach

Poorna Kallare | GOTO Amsterdam 2017

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Everything today is connected – from toothbrushes to MRI machines. Just connecting a device to the internet does not make it “smart;” it’s not that hard to add connectivity to a device. Things get interesting when you can see the benefits of connected devices sharing information and gathering insights to learn context and see the holistic view of the consumer. To enable this, we need platforms that allow collection, processing, storage and analysis of data. Creating such a platform presents several technical and non-technical challenges.

This talk will address these challenges ways in which Philips is addressing these challenges. Some of the topics addressed are: Design of API/functionality applicable across the health continuum (tooth brushes to MRI machines), Security, Privacy, Documentation/adoption support and life cycle management.

The talk will also specifically address how the platform leverages standard technology, frameworks and protocols like AWS, Spring, Postgres to build a platform conforming to healthcare regulations.

About the speakers

Poorna Kallare
Poorna Kallare

System Architect at Philips Connected Digital Platforms