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The Proactive Approach: Data Driven Observability & Incident Response

Matt Stratton • PJ Hagerty | GOTO Chicago 2019

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The focus of DevOps is to streamline processes across the board. One way to produce a better experience across teams is to inject observability, leading to a proactive approach toward development and a fully visible situation when incidents occur.

With the cross over of tools like PagerDuty and Humio, it’s possible to gain knowledge of the systems you use when they are functioning smoothly, or when they aren’t and emergency response is necessary.

We’ll talk about how observability helps the DevOps process from the point of application development to deployment to incidents to postmortem.

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About the speakers

Matt Stratton
Matt Stratton

Host of the Arrested DevOps podcast and Director of Developer Relations at Aiven

PJ Hagerty
PJ Hagerty

Developer advocate at Mattermost and a board member of Open Sourcing Mental Illness