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Re-engineering Inclusion

Jill Wetzler | GOTO Chicago 2019

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For years now, companies across the tech industry have been releasing dismal diversity reports. We started with the basics: implementing unconscious bias training, hiring heads of Diversity & Inclusion, and pouring funding into Employee Resource Groups. But the updates to these diversity reports say we’re not moving the needle, so what’s the problem?

One major blocker to progress is that the overwhelming burden of fixing our organizations is still falling on minority groups. But meaningful change can only happen when management is truly engaged in solving the problem. Let’s discuss a different approach: one that creates more opportunities for managers to engage with the people they want to help, allows leadership to feel the frustrations of their underrepresented team members, and spurs action from those in positions of power.

About the speakers

Jill Wetzler
Jill Wetzler

Director of Engineering Leadership Development at Lyft