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SSL/TLS for Mortals

Maarten Mulders | GOTO Berlin 2018

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Using SSL/TLS the right way is often a big hurdle for developers. We prefer to have that one colleague perform "something with certificates", because he/she knows how that works. But what if "that one colleague" is enjoying vacation and something goes wrong with the certificates?

In this session we'll take a close look at secure communication at the transport level. Starting with what exactly SSL and TLS is, we'll dive into public/private keys, and signing. We'll also learn what all this has to do with an unfortunate Dutch notary. Of course, there'll be plenty of practical tips & trics, as well as demo's.

Attend this session to become "that one colleague"!

About the speakers

Maarten Mulders
Maarten Mulders

IT architect at Info Support passionate about lean and elegant solutions