Boost your API Development with GraphQL & Prisma

Nikolas Burk | GOTO Berlin 2018


Prisma is the data layer for modern applications. It replaces traditional ORMs in your application architecture and simplifies various database workflows, such as data modelling, migrations and realtime data streaming. In this talk, we will start from scratch and explore how Prisma works. Going from just a simple data model, we'll add relations and learn about various features of the Prisma API, such as filtering, ordering, pagination and realtime capabilities. As a final step, we'll see how Prisma can be used to simplify the implementation of GraphQL resolvers and end up with a fully-fledged GraphQL server.

Prerequisite attendee experience level: Advanced

About the speakers

Nikolas Burk
Nikolas Burk

Created the Popular Online Tutorial "How to GraphQL"

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