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Contract-Driven Development - Turn your API Specification into Executable Contracts

Naresh Jain | YOW! Sydney 2023

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Being able to develop, test and easily deploy each of your microservice independently is a key indicator of a successful transition to a microservice style architecture. The challenge arises when a new microservice that interact with your existing system has to undergo comprehensive integration testing before deployment. This slows down the path to production and highlights problems at a much later point in the microservice's lifecycle. Contract Driven Development helps you to shift left and identify compatibility issues earlier in the development life cycle when they are easier to catch and fix.

In this live demo, you would learn:

  • How providers and consumers can use central contract repo to collaborate effectively
  • How to leverage Specmatic to turn API specifications into executable contracts
  • How to independently test and deploy your microservices

About the speakers

Naresh Jain
Naresh Jain

Founder & CEO of Xnsio