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Human-Computer Partnerships

Wendy Mackay | GOTO Copenhagen 2018

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Incredible advances in hardware have not been matched by equivalent advances in software; we remain mired in the graphical user interface of the 1970s. I argue that we need a paradigm shift in how we design, implement and use interactive systems. Classical artificial intelligence treats the human user as a cog in the computer's process -- the so-called “human-in-the-loop”; Classical human-computer interaction focuses on creating and controlling the 'user experience'. We seek a third approach -- a true human-computer partnership, which takes advantage of machine learning, but leaves the user in control. I describe a series of projects that illustrate our approach to making interactive systems discoverable, appropriable and expressive, using the principles of instrumental interaction and reciprocal co-adaptation.

The goal is to create robust interactive systems that significantly augment human capabilities and are actually worth learning over time.

About the speakers

Wendy Mackay
Wendy Mackay

Research director with INRIA Saclay and Head of ExSitu team at Université Paris-Sud