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Kristian Løken Wille • Martin Gravråk | GOTO Amsterdam 2018

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Security and Privacy are two major concerns with the Internet of Things, and are especially important when children are involved. In this session, we’ll tell you what happened when the Norwegian Consumer Council asked us to investigate the inner workings of a selection of internet connected toys. Our findings shocked both us and our customer, and lead to worldwide media coverage. We’ll share our methods for testing the toys, and show you examples of what we found. You’ll also learn about various techniques for finding out how secure your own devices are, what these devices know about you and where this information ends up. There will be demonstrations on how we use tools like Fidder, WireShark and Decompilers, there will be movies and there will be toys!

About the speakers

Kristian Løken Wille
Kristian Løken Wille

Expert in security, web development, real-time positioning systems, mobile platforms and children's toys

Martin Gravråk
Martin Gravråk

Software developer at Bouvet (Norway)

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