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Kubernetes: Crossing the Chasm

Ian Crosby | GOTO Amsterdam 2018

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Kubernetes is quickly becoming a commodity. Setting up a Highly Available cluster? Easy. Running large applications in a fault tolerant manner on top? No problem. As long as you fit the mould.

But what if your production environment is a closed internal network? Or it’s behind the Chinese firewall? What if you don’t host your own applications but instead deliver your software to clients? Can you still leverage Kubernetes in such cases? As adoption of Kubernetes continues to grow we see more use cases which do not fit the traditional model.

In this talk, I will share each of the above scenarios, the specific challenges we struggled with and, the solutions we ended up using. Finally, we’ll look at where Cloud Native technologies make sense and how far we can take them.

About the speakers

Ian Crosby
Ian Crosby

Senior Engineer at Container Solutions

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