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Gamification, Systems Thinking & the Power of Observability in Software

Jessica Kerr • Jessica Cregg | GOTO Unscripted

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Software's evolving landscape goes beyond mere programming, creating far-reaching consequences. Dive into software development's intricate world in this GOTO Unscripted talk where Jessica Kerr explores observability, gamification and systems thinking. Speaking with Jessica Cregg, Kerr highlights the distinct satisfaction derived from collaborative tasks and the pros and cons of integrating gamification as well as competition-driven incentives in software engineering. The talk underscores the interplay of observability and feature flags for agile deployment and issue resolution. Gain deeper insights into systems thinking, a framework that has evolved to embrace software's constant evolution and uncover how observability extends beyond monitoring to provide actionable insights.

About the speakers

Jessica Kerr
Jessica Kerr

Developer, writer, podcaster and highly requested GOTO speaker

Jessica Cregg
Jessica Cregg

Information Technology Operations Engineer at CybSafe