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C++ - the Newest Old Language

Matt Godbolt | GOTO Chicago 2018

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C++ is an old language only used by the unfortunate few that absolutely have to, right?


C++ is not the language it used to be: clunky, error-prone and lacking in tooling. A lot has changed in the last decade: three new language revisions, new compilers and all-new tooling and diagnostics. Memory leaks and segmentation faults are all but a distant memory!

In this talk, Matt will cover some of the things that make C++ a great choice for a wide variety of applications. He'll cover the best of the new bits of the language, and demonstrate how modern tooling makes coding in C++ fun again.

The intended audience is both C++ folks who might want to catch up on the latest and greatest, but also anyone who think C++ is a write-off and isn't used any more.

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Matt Godbolt
Matt Godbolt

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