Problem Solving With Erlang & the BEAM

Updated on September 18, 2023
GOTO Unscripted
Francesco Cesarini
Francesco Cesarini

O'Reilly Author & Founder of Erlang Solutions

Robert Virding
Robert Virding

Erlang co-inventor, and principal language expert at Erlang Solutions

Erlang is being used in various industries demanding reliability and scalability. Its debugging tools and cross-platform compatibility has solidified its position as an invaluable choice for building resilient, concurrent, and scalable applications in a slew of use cases.

Hear this GOTO Unscripted episode where Robert Virding, one of the original architects of Erlang shares the genesis of Erlang with Francesco Cesarini, founder & technical director at Erlang Solutions. Unveiling the fascinating tale behind the birth of this programming language.

Virding and Cesarini delve into the initial challenges that faced the Erlang ecosystem, the remarkable journey that followed and the plans ahead. Discover how Erlang's unique design has empowered it to play a pivotal role in mission-critical applications for companies like WhatsApp, Ericsson, Klarna, and many more, demonstrating its remarkable concurrency capabilities and fault tolerance, making it an invaluable tool for building high-performance systems in today's interconnected world.