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The Origin of Dylan Beattie & The Linebreakers

Dylan Beattie • Vagif Abilov • Hannes Lowette | GOTO Unscripted

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When one hears the words ‘HTML’, ‘DCML’, ‘framework’ and ‘blockchain’, one would not think these are the main themes of a rock band. Dylan Beattie, Microsoft MVP and creator of the ‘Rockstar’ language took his passion for music and technology, merged them and created a software-themed rock band, The Linebreakers. What sets them apart is their innovative approach of infusing software-related perspectives into the lyrics of classic rock songs.

Delve into the captivating journey of band members Dylan, Hannes Lowette and Vagif Abilov as they recount the genesis of their endeavor. Join the conversation in this enlightening episode of GOTO Unscripted, where they share insights about their inspirations, challenges and aspirations.

About the speakers

Dylan Beattie
Dylan Beattie

Consultant, software developer, creator of the Rockstar programming language

Vagif Abilov
Vagif Abilov

Senior consultant at Miles with 30+ years of programming experience

Hannes Lowette
Hannes Lowette

Head of learning & development at Axxes and a passionate .NET developer

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