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Trust Deterministic Execution to Scale and Simplify Your Systems

Frank Yu | YOW! Brisbane 2023

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Make your mission critical business logic deterministic and fast! We discuss both intuitive and not-so-obvious architecture choices that can be made to dramatically scale and simplify systems with these properties.

We built our latency sensitive exchange around a blazing fast open source raft cluster. After some time in production, observations about the nature of our request and event messages coupled with some timely advice led us to upend our service topology. Find out how rerunning core logic at the edges of a system can:

  • Decrease bandwidth usage and buffering across the system
  • Protect against thundering herd problems by making network usage more predictable
  • Simplify the logic of gateway and persistence services downstream from your core logic

About the speakers

Frank Yu
Frank Yu

Director of Engineering at Coinbase