Principles For Secure and Reliable Systems

Updated on June 7, 2023
GOTO Aarhus 2023
Eleanor Saitta
Eleanor Saitta

Consulting CISO and Security Architect

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Whether you're building a new system with an established team, trying to tame a legacy ecosystem, or starting from scratch, how you think about security and reliability has a big impact on how hard they are for you to achieve.

In this session I'll give you some tools for reframing the way you think about these problems, and explore how they're linked, too. Specifically, we'll look at security and reliability from the perspective of design principles, both in terms of the technical design of your system architecture and security and operations tooling, and in terms of the design of the organization that's doing the work, especially how it communicates and makes decisions.

By the end of this talk, you should understand some of the structures you need in place to achieve good and sustainable outcomes for your team.