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Coaching Teams Through Team Change

Heidi Helfand | GOTO Chicago 2023

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Teams age and change. It's inevitable. People are going to join our teams and people are going to leave our teams. Sometimes we catalyze the changes. At other times, we need to adapt to the changes that happen which our out of our control. Part of the work in Dynamic Reteaming is in understanding and applying the 5 structural change patterns - one by one, grow and split, isolation, merging and switching. The other part is understanding and supporting the human impacts of reteaming. When we change our teams it can be really challenging for people and it takes some transition time to be ready to roll in our new team structure, especially if we were surprised by the reteaming or if we didn't want it to happen. This talk introduces the basics of dynamic reteaming and some techniques to apply when dealing with unexpected changes.

About the speakers

Heidi Helfand
Heidi Helfand

SVP of Strategy and Innovation at Artium, Author of Dynamic Reteaming