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Remote Working Approaches That Worked (And Some That Didn’t)

Charles Humble | GOTO Aarhus 2023

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During the pandemic many people experienced remote working for the first time, but they experienced it in a way that was, inevitably, rushed and forced.

As organisations, governments, and individuals continue to deal with the aftershocks and try to work out what the future of work looks like, I want to share practical tips drawing from nearly two decades of working remotely in multiple organisations.

We’ll look at topics including:

  • How to decide if remote working is right for you
  • Common pitfalls of remote working and how to mitigate against them
  • Specific techniques for managing remote teams
  • How companies can create a shared sense of purpose with an all-remote workforce

Whilst primarily aimed at remote workers and managers, I hope the talk will also contain helpful advice for anyone in a management/leadership role, even those not dealing with an entirely remote team. Although I think that remote working amplifies some challenges, many of these exist in non-remote environments too.

About the speakers

Charles Humble
Charles Humble

Freelance Techie, Podcaster, Editor, Author & Consultant

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