How We Write Better Software with Low-Code

Michiel Overeem | GOTO Amsterdam 2023

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All companies want better software and faster development. Every software developer chases this holy grail: doing more of higher quality with less. Low-Code combines several solution directions: less code because of the higher abstraction, coding languages that target business people, and tools that make complicated tasks easy.

With a decade of experience developing a proprietary Low-Code platform, we have stories to share. Stakeholders and business people are involved in the design and development of our software through our platform. They are not only allowed to voice an opinion, but they can also actively join the developers by fixing bugs or adding new features to the software!

Join us to learn how we build our low-code platform, how we combine that with traditional software development, and, of course, what challenges we encounter.

About the speakers

Michiel Overeem
Michiel Overeem

Lead Software Architect at AFAS Software