Functional Programming for Pragmatists

Updated on January 11, 2022
GOTO Copenhagen 2021
Richard Feldman
Richard Feldman

Functional programming language expert & author of “Elm in Action”

Functional programming language expert.

Do you care more about how well code works than how conceptually elegant it feels? Are you more interested in how effectively you can build and maintain software than how buzzword-compliant it is? Then this is the talk for you!

People like functional programming for different reasons. Some like it for the conceptual elegance, or the mathematical properties. Richard? He likes to build things. He likes it when the software he builds works well and is easy to maintain. For the past decade he's been using functional programming both professionally and as a hobbyist, and has found it has helped him ship higher quality software in less time than in the decade he spent writing object-oriented code before.

In this talk, he'll share the practical benefits he's enjoyed in FP, and the benefits other pragmatists like him can expect from it too!