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Adopting an Experimental Mindset

Mark Rickmeier | GOTOpia Chicago 2021

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Companies that foster a culture of experimentation can more easily adapt and adjust when the game changes (as it did for all of us in 2020). In this talk, Table XI CEO Mark Rickmeier will talk about the 6 core elements that he has adopted as a leader to change the company culture and adopt a more experimental mindset in the running of their organization.

The goal of this talk will be to leave all members with very practical steps each leader can take in their organization to drive cultural change in the next 1-3 months on the road to becoming a more nimble company.

Attendees: Join the #teams channel on Slack to send your questions to Mark

About the speakers

Mark Rickmeier
Mark Rickmeier

CEO at TXI. Founder of Walkshop.

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