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Getting Started with Chaos Engineering

James Wickett • Casey Rosenthal • Nora Jones | GOTO Book Club

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Chaos engineering is much more than just hype. Get the map and compass that you need to navigate the stormy waters of distributed systems while optimizing to meet business goals. Casey Rosenthal and Nora Jones, authors of “Chaos Engineering,” highlight some of the best practices that famous companies like Netflix and Capital One use to break (or not break) their systems in productions, so that you can get a taste of it.
The interview is based on Nora Jones's and Casey Rosenthal's book "Chaos Engineering": https://amzn.to/2B3R0qb

About the speakers

James Wickett
James Wickett

Head of Research at Verica

Casey Rosenthal
Casey Rosenthal

Deprecating Simplicity and the Rise of CV

Nora Jones
Nora Jones

Co-founder and CEO at Jeli; Chaos Engineering pioneer

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