The Psychology of UX

Updated on July 12, 2022
GOTO Amsterdam 2022
Fabio Nudge
Fabio Nudge

Author of the book Digital Nudge, Futurist, TEDx Speaker and Curator

35 thousand! That's the average number of decisions a person makes every day.

Imagine if you could hack the brain and the mind, this complex decision making systems, leveraging ways to influence yours and anyone's decisions. Gartner defines "Neurobusiness" as the capability of applying neuroscience insights to improve outcomes in customer and other business decision situations. Have you ever wondered how many digital decisions people make? The ones we make using technology devices like smartphones, wearables, laptops. The vast majority of our decisions are influenced by cognitive biases, irrational and emotional factors. For decades, scientists have been studying so we can better understand how it is possible not only to predict but also influence decisions through interventions on the environment where decisions are made. Yes, it is possible! And we will teach you the secrets behind decision making.

In this talk, you'll learn: